Did You Know the Top Social Media Tools Added Some Great New User Tools?

Posted to Did You Know? on November 8, 2012

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Whether it’s Facebook®, Twitter®, LinkedIn®, or all three, social media is an easy way to engage your customers. And to ensure you are using these platforms to the best of your ability, we’ve included a few handy tips regarding updates, changes and features added over the last few months that you’re sure to love.


Schedule posts – Now, you can create a post and decide when you want it to show up on your page. Just select a day and time you want viewers to see the post and then you can forget about it. When the day and time rolls around, your post will show up as expected.

Promote posts – Reaching out to your fan community as well as their friends is even easier now that you can pay to promote posts. You just decide on your budget and Facebook will give you the approximate number of people that will see your post within your budget. Promoted posts will last up to three days in the Facebook newsfeed.


Endorse others – Are you hoping to get on someone’s radar? Do you want to show your business connections that you value them? LinkedIn offers an Endorsement Feature that enables you to recognize your business connections and support the skills of others. With this feature, you can:

  • Showcase skills
  • Endorse and be endorsed
  • Get more endorsements
  • Hide endorsements
  • Get notified
  • Add more skills


Revive your efforts – If you want to breathe new life into the Twitter experience, explore these pointers to help you market your business more creatively.

  • Get organized using Twitter lists. You don’t want tweets from important people to get lost.
  • Attach a photo. People are more likely to read your tweets if there’s an image.
  • Read and listen to your tweeters. Carrying on conversations with your Twitter community means you are willing to spend the time to talk and listen to what customers want.
  • Don’t spend time following customers that don’t tweet.
  • Understand that most businesses start out using Twitter to their advantage by experimenting. Spark customers’ interest by trying out different kinds of tweets.

If you think you’d like to use any of these social media tools for your business, visit the sites below for more detailed information on each tip.




NOTE: If you would like an approved Stewart Title local office Facebook or Twitter account for your office, branch or area, please get approvals from your manager, and then contact your Marketing Manager.

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