Another Top-10 List — Greatest (and Least) Debt Per Capita by State

The Modern Theory of Finance says that borrowing and investing today allows individuals to select both optimal investments now (such as borrowing for college to earn greater income in the future) and to also optimize future consumption patterns (like investing for retirement supporting a better lifestyle when income from employment lags).  From a theoretical perspective, …Read more

Richest Countries in the World

The incentives to grow wealth are multifaceted.   People in wealthier countries not only typically are healthier and live longer, but have the opportunity for experiences, comforts and lifestyle that otherwise would not exist. They are two ways to measure the wealth of a country.  Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is the value of all goods and …Read more

Most Expensive Prime Office Occupancy Costs Global Q1 2019

Location-Location-Location is the phrase when it comes to real estate.   In a global market, being in the proper location can be a make-or-break proposition.  Where a firm offices is akin to a hallmark to customers.   Location in an office market is a statement of who their customers are (or customers they want), the type of …Read more