Commercial Real Estate Experts Pretty Bearish on 2010

An article from the Mortgage Bankers Association finds some less than rosy expectations for commercial real estate in 2010. Approximately three of every four commercial experts surveyed expect the following in 2010:

Rents to decline

Interest rates to rise

60 percent expect a full market recovery to take two-to three years with 29 percent expecting a full recovery to take four years or more.
Lots of pain yet to endure in the commercial segment. 

Commercial Property Values Likely Drop in 2010, Executives Say


  1. Dustin Miller

    Thanks for the back-up on this. I just spoke with a rental agent on a property currently getting $900/month for a place who told me to be happy with that and don’t ask for more. The vacant new construction is nicer and giving away healthy incentives to keep their tenants here in Portland, Oregon.

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