Report on International Internet Traffic Searching for US Homes, a global compilation of almost 775,000 residential listings, has just released a report on where the viewers are coming from internationally and where they are looking in the U.S.

Some really interesting findings include:

• 33 percent of the international traffic searching for homes was directed to Florida listings
• 15.15 percent was focused on Arizona house listings
• Canadians made up 91.89 percent of all international traffic on Arizona searches, 75.9 percent of Hawaiian traffic, 73.92 percent of Michigan traffic, 70.55 percent of Nevada activity and 65.05 percent of California’s
• Nevada accounted for 8.22 percent of all searches
• Canada accounted for the most visitors followed by the U.K. and Mexico

The top 10 cities searched in the US were: The top ten states searched by foreigners were:
1. Las Vegas, Nevada 1. Florida
2. Orlando, Florida 2. Arizona
3. Kissimmee, Florida 3. Nevada
4. Detroit, Michigan 4. California
5. Pompano Beach, Florida 5. Puerto Rico (yes—I know, not a state….)
6. Miami, Florida 6. Texas
7. Mesa, Arizona 7. Michigan
8. Davenport, Florida 8. Hawaii
9. Phoenix, Arizona 9. Georgia
10. Indio, California 10. New York

The complete report (also attached) is available at Point2.

In that report, details down to the country of origination and the city search are given.  In Orlando, for example, the following countries made up the respective number of searches (and Orlando accounted for 11.35 percent of all searches of listings for the quarter):


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