8 Qualities of Remarkable Employees

A column by Jeff Haden in Inc.  (as reported by LinkedIn) details the difference between Remarkable Employees–as opposed to just good ones.  I believe these traits apply even to managers and individuals that work for themselves. 

The qualities of remarkable workers include:

  • They ignore job descriptions  their ‘Get it Done Philosophy’ overrules the daily grind of repetition
  • They are eccentric (top performers of all walks of life are different than others, and just doing what everyone else does is not in their work processes)
  • They know when to dial it back  team play is essential, but ‘My Way or the Highway’ is not sustainable—and remarkable individuals know how to back off at certain times for the goals of the team
  • They publicly praise
  • They privately complain no one likes a whiner or an individual that verbally bashes others
  • They speak when others won’t, even when the news is bad.  The quicker the issues are discussed, the faster an optimal solution can be reached
  • They like to prove others wrong. Never tell a remarkable person they cannot achieve specific goals—they roll right over you getting to that goal—these are driven people
  • They are always fiddling. The status quo merely produces mediocrity at best.  Faster, quicker, easier better –  all result in increased performance and profits.

Click here to read the rest of Jeff Haden’s short but remarkable column.


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