Top 15 Most Valuable College Majors

Yesterday I wrote about the 10 Worst College Majors according to Forbes. Thanks for everyone’s response—more emails than any article I have written. One of the recurring replies was “What should my son/daughter study? What are the best majors?”  That also brings to mind the question, “What are the best schools?” A topic we will leave for another day.

Fortunately, Forbes had already published a Top-15 list of the Most Valuable college majors. If you or the prospective college student has a math allergy or aversion, you probably do not want to read this.

The Forbes article perhaps said it the best by noting that, other than the college you attend, what next matters most to prospective employers is what your major was. The classes you take indeed make a difference to employers.

PayScale, with their knowledge of salaries of 120 majors and along with the job growth estimates from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts of job growth in these majors ascertained the following as the most valuable:















Best paying is not necessarily the best job for many, but individuals should understand their choices come with ramifications.

To read the full article, click here.

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  1. Todd Lynch

    Makes me glad that my son is in an engineering program in High School – I look forward to your list of best schools – perhaps with a slant on the best bang for the buck.

  2. Danielle

    I think that’s great, except for those like you said that have an allergy to math! I for one would have never been successful in any of those fields, unfortunately. What about those that are more successful in creative roles? Is there no hope? Something else we should be teaching our kids is that they should choose something that they are going to be happy with. Money doesn’t buy happiness after all.

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