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The other day, I spoke to a crowded room of independent agents at one of Stewart’s agency seminars in Scottsdale, AZ. I came to talk about what Stewart does to help them with their marketing needs.

If you’ve never been to a meeting of title agents, let me try to paint the picture for you: these are small-business owners. Most have been in the business for many, many years. Most treat their employees like family; many actually have family members in the business. They have made it through the toughest economic times in recent years most of them will ever face. They have seen some of their friends and competitors go out of business. They are tired, yet triumphant. They are survivors.

But today is a new world. The economy is getting better, and business is picking up. However, there is a need for more transparency in transactions. At the same time, they face a significant number of new regulations that will impact the way they do business. Because of all this, there is even more urgency for them to market their business. Fortunately, Stewart provides marketing services to help them. We provide services no other underwriter offers: marketing campaigns, newsletters, electronic greeting cards, emails, training classes, marketing planning, websites and much more.

After I finished my presentation, several agents came up to thank me for all the support we provide and talked to me about their challenges. What struck me most was how many said they haven’t updated their website in a couple of years! They had not considered using their websites for lead generation. Or, how to make their websites a higher priority in search engines. Or, how to leverage social media to drive more web traffic.

What I realized after speaking with them it that they don’t have the time or marketing experience to dedicate to this. What got me excited was that these are just the things the Stewart marketing department does to help agents!

If you represent an independent agency and are interested in learning more about what we have to offer, visit and let us help kick-start your marketing efforts.

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