Another Top-10 List: The 10 Healthiest Residential Markets in the Country

It’s all about jobs.

Trulia’s Chief Economist Jed Kolko analyzed multiple data sources to arrive at the 10 healthiest residential markets for 2013 in the U.S. Kolko focused on “solid fundamentals,” as reported by MarketWatch which separates these markets from others.

Data sources and focus points (and some are very creative) include:

  • Strong job growth – Bureau of Labor Statistics
  • Low vacancy rates – U.S. Postal Service
  • Low foreclosure inventory – RealtyTrac

And the winners?

  1. Houston, Texas – Strong job growth
  2. San Francisco, California – Strong job growth
  3. Bethesda, Rockville, Frederick, Maryland – Very low foreclosure inventory
  4. San Antonio, Teas – low vacancy rates, relatively stable home prices during the bubble (mild declines)
  5. Austin, Texas – Job growth
  6. Seattle, Washington – Job growth and low vacancy rates
  7. Omaha, Nebraska – relatively stable home prices with “mild’ price declines during the bubble
  8. Peabody, Massachusetts (North Boston Suburb) – low vacancy rates and strong Boston job growth, up 2.52 percent in prior 12-months
  9. Ft Worth, Texas – Mild price declines during housing bubble
  10. Louisville, Kentucky – Mild price declines during the housing bubble

To read the Trulia report (and I encourage you do so) click here.

It’s all about jobs. Period.

And did you notice the Texas trend here????


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