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Stewart Spotlights: Millennium Tower, San Francisco, CA

Our second Stewart Spotlights feature takes us west to San Francisco’s Millennium Tower, an outstanding example of a luxury residential development. Look for more Spotlights here at in the coming weeks, and see the complete 2013 edition online at Download a PDF of this property Spotlight. Owner: Mission Street Development, LLC Developer: Millennium Partners …Read more

Merry Christmas

It’s that special, frantic time of year. Amidst the year-end rush of accomplishing goals and closing transactions, there is an opportunity to pause and ponder; amidst family gatherings, holiday parties and chaotic shopping, an opportunity to reflect. The songs on the radio change; the news becomes more festive, causing us to change how we listen. …Read more

U.S. Construction Employment

Jobs are everything to an economy. Period. Good news is that job growth is now coming back, with an average 188,000 net new jobs created per month thus far this year. Not all sectors are growing jobs, however, nor are those adding jobs growing at the same rate. This is the first of a series …Read more

Another Top-10 City List — 10 Countries With the Least Overvalued Housing Markets of the 20 Analyzed by Deutsche Bank

Earlier this week I wrote about the 10 most over-valued housing markets among developed countries and why that can happen. Several emailed back and asked about how the U.S. compares. To refresh you, The Duetsche Bank (DB) researchers compared home prices to income and home prices to rent. Each of these two metrics (how …Read more

Another Top-10 List (and you may not want to be on this one unless you bought early) — The Most Overvalued Residential Markets by Country

In my lifetime, I have seen home values in some markets rise to levels that were simply not sustainable given government policy, income levels, economic growth, new construction and inventory of existing housing. We saw that in recent years in many markets in the U.S. when home prices fell by 28 percent from July 2006 …Read more