A Top 50 List: The Best Place in Each State to Raise Children

Bloomberg BusinessWeek, in conjunction with Bloomberg Rankings, for the seventh year analyzed 3,200 places ranging in population from 5,000 to 50,000. With an estimated 30 million American’s working at least one-day per week from home, where they live today is more flexible and can respond to local markets rather than just “Where the jobs are.”

Their goal was to find the best places in America to raise children.

The 7th annual report criteria (demographic, economic and school-related information) included:

  • Public school performance and safety (using GreatSchools.org as a resource)
  • Median household income (and they exclude any location where household income exceeds $115,866 since greater than that is the lower level for the top 20 percent of incomes in the U.S.)
  • County-level unemployment statistics
  • Employment (jobs)
  • Commute time
  • Poverty levels
  • Adult education attainment levels
  • Percentage of households with children
  • Diversity

Findings, by state, included:

























I have no doubt that many of you –actually, probably not many, more likely that most of you—disagree with these findings. We all have loyalties to where we live. And I would imagine that just slight changes in selection criteria or data utilized would result in differing outcomes.

One thing this study does do is to, once again, reinforce the trend in these type of lists to focus on smaller communities. Even those within or near major metropolitan markets.

To read the entire report, click here. And I would encourage you to read the individual local market summaries at Bloomberg BusinessWeek. I will disclose that one of my weekly reads is Bloomberg BusinessWeek, which I consider an excellent source of information for the business community.

Again, let me emphasize that the data included and relative weighting to each criterion dictates the results of the study.

Now if only the Bowl Championship Series ranking methodology favored Texas A&M for the upcoming Cotton Bowl……

And may everyone have a safe and prosperous New Year.



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