Jobs–Where They are Hot and Where They are Not — Part One

Jobs are everything to an economy. Period. I invoke the There Is No Such Thing As A National Economy clause — T I N S T A A N E — as the economy varies from one location to another. Each month the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports a broad array of employment and other data.

One of the most valuable series relating to economic health is the total number jobs. To be able to do an apples to apples comparison each month, the BLS reports seasonally adjusted job numbers allowing comparison from a high employment month such as December to a lower employment month such as January. The following tables rank these on several differing aspects. Do keep in mind the latest data are preliminary and subject to revision.

Top 30 Markets With the Largest Increase in Job Numbers From December 2011 to December 2012

3-6-2013 graph1

























3-6-2013 graph2
























3-6-2013 graph3
























3-6-2013 graph4

























Coming tomorrow, those markets with the best (and not so good) recovery from the 2008-2009 recession.


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