Another Top 10 List — Best Places for Graduating Students to Live Where There are Jobs, Affordable Housing, Decent Paychecks and Low Unemployment

Since 2008, it has a been a trying market for many college graduates to find a job in a location where they could also afford renting a place to live and receive a decent pay check.

Forbes has reported a study completed by looking at cities meeting these criteria.

Their findings show the top 10 cities that accomplish such (not ranked in any particular order). Data used included annual mean income, median one-bedroom apartment rental rates, and the current unemployment rate. I added the latest month job-growth rate.

4-1-13 graph












To read the entire article click here.

Good news is that there is an upward momentum in economic growth today, with many locations doing extremely well.

Now we just need MOTSMore Of The Same — hopefully in many more cities across the country.


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