Another Top 10 List: The 10 Worst Jobs of 2013

There are certain jobs that most of us (at least those that have jobs) would not want to do.’s annual jobs report analyzed specific jobs based on what they called core criteria. These included the work environment, stress, income and the hiring outlook. Data sources included U.S. Department of Labor and the Census Bureau. They ranked 200 jobs from top to bottom.

Worst Jobs findings from included:

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While I am certain that we will never get universal agreement on the same worst jobs, there are many others that we all would include and some on’s list that we might have excluded.

What would your worst job inclusion be on the list? I have several. While I have the greatest respect and admiration for U.S. military personnel and all law enforcement, I do not want their jobs. I figure I get enough combat duty each day on Houston’s freeways—just imagine being a soldier or a law enforcement person. Having been an appraiser in the past, and having appraised some very diverse real estate and going concerns, one job that comes to mind that I would not like to do is being a mortician. Decades ago I appraised several mortuaries and cemeteries. That’s a dead business. People are dying to get into it. You hope you do not get stiffed by the bill. But when I read in’s 200 list, funeral directors ranked 116th while economists ranked 120th perhaps I should rethink my chosen profession.

Fork lift drivers scored a 112 ranking. I also was a university professor, and they ranked the 14th best job in the country. Meteorologists ranked 29th (and their predictive capabilities are on par to economists), while accountants were given a 47 ranking. But I have been told people become economists because they do not have enough personality to be accountants. Even a tax collector is ranked higher than an economist—at 85. Technical writers (and you may not call this technical writing , but it is to me) ranked twice better than economists at 60. I agree with the job ranking of dairy farmers as the 6th worst in the country. 365 days a year of milking cows at least twice per pay has no attraction to me (and some dairies milk three times a day). And imagine being a roofer. In Houston. Where you perspire profusely just with a glass of iced-tea in your hand sitting in a chair outside in the summer, much less being up on a breezeless hot roof working long days.

Ditto being a taxi driver. Long hours, low pay and sometimes challenging and difficult customers. That job ranked 146th by

And what I believe the worst of all jobs? It probably would be airline gate agents. They do their job well, but have no control over weather, mechanical or, as we have experienced this past week, flight controllers. Yet they are the point of contact for the wrath of travelers with delayed or canceled flights. Some travelers should be ashamed of themselves. My second choice for worst job would be flight attendants. Same reasons as the gate agent, but they are captive in a round aluminum tube for hours at a time with sometimes less-than reasonable customers. I never will forget the passenger that was in the restroom and rang the flight attendant call button because she had run out of reading materials and needed some more. No kidding. I do not want that job either.

To read the entire list and comments from click here.

Please reply back what you believe to be the worst job in the country.

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  1. A Dad

    Ah, there is one even worse… an aspiring TV show writer with an NYU education.

  2. J

    Nice! I once thought that maybe I should have been a mortician – – no joke! Great piece. Thanks for all you do my friend. Now….go make someone else SMILE!

  3. Shannon

    1. Stun Gun Test Dummy Average Salary: $25k-49k
    2. Odor Tester for deodorant lab Average Salary: $30-$40k
    3. Lindsay Lohan Personnal Assistant Average Salary: $20k-$62k
    but no amount is high enough

  4. Scott

    Person who empties Porto potty

    Crab boat workers

  5. B

    JUst between you and me, I have always thought the worst job is picking up road kill. Just my opinion.


  6. Hjordis

    Outside window washer for skyscrapers. Couldn’t pay me enough to do that job……

  7. true hader

    I very much agree with what you wrote in this article, this is information that I had been looking for, thank you because you are willing to share with us.

  8. PPLIC

    Thank you for sharing this nice post .

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