Another Top 10 List: The Best Jobs in the Country

Following up from the previous post about the 10 worst jobs in the country, let’s talk the positive.

And that posting for me was not pretty. Economists ranked 120 out of 200. Behind morticians, fork lift drivers—even accountants.


So what are the best jobs?

Again let’s go to’s annual jobs report which analyzed specific jobs based on what they called core criteria. They included the work environment, stress, income and the hiring outlook. Data sources included U.S. Department of Labor and the Census Bureau. They ranked 200 jobs from top to bottom.

And the winner? And I am not surprised. An actuary. For decades when I testified on title insurance rate hearings, actuaries were the core of the information presented. I have encouraged dozens of students to do the applied math major to become an actuary. Applied math is an amazing major, which in addition to theory of mathematics, the focus is answering questions based on data. And you will make lots of money.

And the 10 Best jobs based on

4-29-13 graph











I believe the relevant statistic here is the growth rate—with the least of this group at 22 percent. Wow. Bazinga. Amazing.

Evidently this list talks reality also. I ordered a new pair of glasses last December from my optometrist, and after several wrong solutions, they have yet to deliver. But they are a growth industry and growth can often be painful. Not a happy customer though. Feeling the pain……

To read the entire list of ranking of the 200 jobs click here.


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