Another Top-10 City List: Top One-Way Rental Truck Destinations and Growth Markets in 2012

As the U.S. economy and housing markets recover, Americans are once again moving.

An excellent proxy of where things are happening are the number of one-way truck rentals. U-Haul tallied 1.6 million one-way rentals in 2012.
One-way truck rentals are indicative of people relocating, most often for jobs.

And the top one-way truck rental destinations in 2012?

5-11-13 graph1








I also added the corresponding job growth numbers and percentages for 2012 for each Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA). Not surprisingly, each of these markets gained more than 10,000 net new jobs during the year. To read U-Hauls’ complete top-50 one-way truck rental destination list for 2012, click here.

Larger cities will naturally have a greater number of relocations assuming equal economic activity. To compensate for that, U-Haul also reports the top growth markets. To be considered for the top growth markets list, there had to be a minimum 5,000 one-way moves in the prior 12 months. “Growth cities were then determined by calculating the percentage of inbound moves vs. outbound moves for each area,” according to U-Haul.

5-11-13 graph2











To read the press release and view the top 30 growth cities, click here.

Jobs are everything. Just imagine the economic activity generated by a relocation. Rental trucks, hotels, meals, hotels, apartment rentals, home sales, new purchases……and the list goes on.


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