Another Top-10 City List: Best Places for Real Estate Investors to Retire — Plus 5 Bonus Cities…

RealtyTrac has taken a look at where savvy real estate investors might retire based on housing market performance factors, climate, comparative cost of living and where retirement-aged people migrate.

Factors in their rankings include:

  • Housing market dynamics: median home prices, home price percentage change May 2012 to May 2013, capitalization rates – defined as the net annual income (average rent on a three-bedroom home) divided by the purchase price
  • Cost of Living Index – calculated by ReatyTrac where 100 is the national average
  • Percentage of the population retirement age (at least one-third)
  • Average temperature

As shown in the table, Florida dominates with six of the top 10 and seven of the top 15, given a mix of rising real estate markets, affordability, attractive returns and balmy temperatures.

7-9-13 graph

If you are unfamiliar with RealtryTrac, they are the leading online marketplace for foreclosure and distressed-related properties, with their site having more than 1.5 million listings plus loan and home sales data. To view their monthly foreclosure map with corresponding state-specific and local-market information, click here.

To read the entire MarketWatch article, go to

Since the readers of this blog are generally among the more real estate savvy segment of the country, tell me your perfect retirement location and the associated statistics and market dynamics you deem important.


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