U.S. Housing Characteristics — The American Housing Survey

Did you know that in 2011:

  • Median renter household income was $28,000 while owner-occupied housing income was $58,919
  • Median renter monthly housing cost was $845 versus $1,008 for owner-occupied housing
  • Monthly electricity bills for renters was a median $90 per month versus $121 for owner-occupied housing

If you ever wanted to know details — from major to minor–on homeowners, renters and their homes, the American Housing Survey is the place to go. Every other year, the U.S. Census Bureau conducts a survey of renters, owners and their place of abode, and summarizes thousands of characteristics and statistics. The latest data available are based on the 2011 survey and are aggregated by national and a sample of metropolitan areas (and this sample does not include every major metropolitan market—it varies from year-to-year). The primary web site can be found at: http://www.census.gov/housing/ahs/data/national.html

An example of the minutia of the data, the survey reveals that among owners living in either manufactured or mobile homes:

  • 7.5 percent of owner-occupied housing is manufactured housing or mobile homes
  • Median year built was 1991
  • 49 percent were single-wide homes and 48 percent were double-wide (the remainder was not reported)
  • 74 percent are on their first site while 18 percent were moved from another site
  • 3.6 percent had just one bedroom, 32.5 percent were two-bedroom units, 54.8 percent had three bedrooms and 9.1 percent had four or more
  • 22.3 percent had just one bath, 69.4 percent had two or more
  • Median size was 1,700 square feet with a typical 600 square feet per occupant
  • 65.5 percent had central air conditioning
  • 8.3 percent had a primary water supply that was not safe to drink
  • 24.8 percent reported the health of the householder was just fair, 45.6 percent was good and 21.8 percent excellent
  • Median household income was $30,000 versus $58,919 for all owner occupied housing
  • Median monthly housing costs totaled $508 versus $1,059 for all owner-occupied housing
  • Median monthly electricity cost was $130
  • Median monthly principal and interest payment was $412 with monthly real estate taxes of $28

and the list goes on….and I bet you never knew so much before about owners living in manufactured housing or mobile homes.

Want to see these data for renters, all owners and all type of housing? And for 29 metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs) included in the 2011 survey?

Click: http://www.census.gov/housing/ahs/data/2011ma.html

While the data are not truly current (based on a 2011 survey), they are the highest-resolution information available today.


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