Another Top-10 List — Most Expensive States to Own a Car

When you think of relocating, I believe the primary focus (other than the job and the related salary) is the cost of housing. But that is just the start since costs of most items and services vary across the country. Sometimes significantly. completed an analysis of the annual cost of owning a car. They tallied up gasoline, insurance, repairs taxes and fees and found that, not including the purchase price of the vehicle and depreciation, the average annual cost of ownership was $3,201 nationwide. The cheapest state, Oregon, costs just $2,204 per year (Oregonians drive 16 percent less miles than the national average), while Georgia, the most expensive runs $4,233 per year operating costs.

So which states are the most expensive?

9-9-13 graph

Want to see what your state costs? Click to see’s 50-state compilation.

The term LocationLocationLocation is not restricted just to the cost of real estate.


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