Another Top-10 List — Best Places to Spot Celebrities (excluding LA & NYC)

I’ll bet we all have spotted celebrities. Some of the celebrities I have seen over the years out in public include Shania Twain, John Wayne, Clint Black, Glen Campbell, Robert Wagner, Mike Tyson, Dave Berry, Bobby Knight (for my friends in Indiana), The Colonel from KFC, John Fogarty, Tom Selleck and even Farah Fawcett (she wasn’t a Majors at that time). ranked the top-10 cities (excluding the obvious Los Angeles and New York City) based on where celebs live, where shows and movies are filmed (and there’s got to be a better term in this digital day and age), and places where they vacation. They also reported the average rent in those locations for a two bedroom apartment.

In addition, asked people which celebrity they would most like to run into in their hometown. The hands down winner was Jennifer Aniston (34 percent), followed by Jimmy Fallon (17 percent) and Chef Gordon Ramsey (16 percent). None are my picks—how about yours?

So where are the best places to spot a celebrity?

10-7-13 graph

Do you want to know where I saw most celebrities? In an airplane.

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  1. S

    Well…can’t say I really know who Chef Gordon Ramsey is! I am definitely out of touch…

    Only one I have seen in recent years (other than pro golfers on a course) was Mike Huckabee in the seat behind me on United. Of course I am so clueless on current day celebrities I probably would not know them if they sat next to me!

    I sent your Government Shutdown blog to my kids and sibs. Great overview. The news channels are so biased I cannot tell what is correct.

  2. Paige Floyd-Hart

    They forgot Destin and South Walton, FL. We have lots of celebs and athletes vacation here. Although I did meet an IndyCar driver on a plane once, had no idea who he was until he told me. Come to Destin and speak anytime, Ted!

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