Another Top-10 City List — Cites With the Largest Average Pay Increase in the Four Quarters Ending Q3 2013

In my presentations regarding real estate and the economy, the primary mantra is that jobs are everything to an economy. Period. And to a point that is true. But then someone always asks about what kind of jobs? And they really mean, “How much do they pay?” It is an appropriate question.

Payscale compiled a list of the top-10 cities in the U.S. with the greatest pay increase in the 12-months ending Q3 2013. While the average pay increase across the country was 1.7 percent, the top-10 performed at least 17 percent better. The top performer had an average salary increase more than double the U.S. average. A few of these cities will probably surprise you.

Following is the top-10 list, as reported by CNNMoney.

10-23-13 graph

To read the entire report click for added details on each of the top-10 cities.

Payscale is a company that has two primary avenues of services. The first is to individuals, focusing on what influences their respective pay and what they are worth. The second is services for employers, including employment data and analytics (what specific jobs pay in specific geographic locations), salary benchmarking, pay ranges, location impact, allocating pay increases and HR compensation support and services. To read more about Payscale, click

To read more about Payscale’s methodology in this study, click

Jobs are everything. But compensation counts too — for employers and employees.


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