How Much TV Homes Would Cost

Have you ever seen the situation comedy “2 Broke Girls”? They could have gotten that title just from what the rent on that their Brooklyn apartment would cost alone. has done some research and reported how much the home or apartment would cost or rent for, for six TV-based shows. Their findings and discussion are interesting to say the least.

“The Big Bang Theory”
$1,800 to $2,200 per month for the two-bedroom downtown Pasadena, California, apartment – even without the elevator working

$6 to $10 million for the cool Manhattan-based loft in SoHo or Tribeca

“Mike & Molly”
$225,000 to $300,000 for the Chicago-area home, plus $30,000 for the now-finished basement studio apartment

“2 Broke Girls”
$2,000 per month minimum for the ground-floor apartment – and that’s a lot of tips for the diner-based wait staff ladies

“Burn Notice”
Michael’s mother’s house, depending on the location in Miami, would cost between $200,000 and $700,000, assuming all the repairs were done from the gunfire, C4 explosions, grenades, fires…..

“Blue Bloods”
1920s to 1930s homes in the Brooklyn Bay Ridge waterfront neighborhood list from $1.5 to $4.7 million

I am a fan of three of these shows. In addition, I would like to know the value of the home in Malibu where Two and Half Men’s Charlie Sheen and Ashton Kutcher have resided, Reba’s home in Houston (the first Reba show), the apartment where White Collar’s Matt Bomer lives in NYC (Neal Caffrey), and the value of the floating home in Seattle from Sleepless in Seattle. A couple purchased the floating home in 1993 for $550,000 and briefly listed it for $2.5 million prior to pulling it off the market. And perhaps more important on Burn Notice, what would be the cost of a similar water-front warehouse be—prior to blowing it up? Or how about a pub-residence like the one in Leverage depicted in Portland, Oregon?

What TV- or movie-based real estate intrigues you?

To read the entire article along with other commentary, click I encourage you to do so—it is really interesting.

It’s been a long month. Thanks Bankrate for the distraction.



  1. Cindy Plisowski

    What about the homes in Modern Family?

    1. sally

      why do you want to know you cant afford it anyway?

  2. Laurie in Florida

    How about Friends 2 apartments?

  3. Blythe

    I’ve always been curious about the home Meryl Streep’s character lived in for the movie “It’s Complicated”. Came on the market last year for $12 m now marked down to $9.9 m removed from market in July.

    Pricey, but for a lawyer from the LA Metroplex and the owner of a bakery, seems doable given that they’ve owned the house for 20+ years (back when Thousand Oaks was a sleepy burb) and ten years ago it was estimated at 1.1 m.

    As for the salaries for the Big Bang Theory? Caltech Postdocs 45-55k (Raj) Staff Scientists 65k+ starting out (Sheldon, Leonard) Howard may work for JPL instead of Caltech, so may get more even though he doesn’t have the same degrees.

  4. Alphonso Capers Jr.

    Harvey Specter Condominium

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