Most People Willing to Live in a Haunted House — But Only at a Discounted Price

As we approach Halloween Eve, ghosts, spirits, goblins and haunted houses are at a peak season, so-to-speak. In that light, posted a survey on their site from September 25th through October 1 of this year, asking potential buyers of experiences and thoughts on buying a haunted house. More than 1,400 people responded. [Side Note: While we do not know if this was a random and representative sample of the underlying population, if it were, then a sample size of around just 400 gives you a conclusion pretty close to plus or minus 3 percent for the results—so this is a big sample size.]

The findings did surprise me:

Previous Haunted Experience

  • One-in-three respondents (35 percent) report to have resided in a home they suspected to be haunted
  • One-half (51 percent) had heard of someone else’s home being haunted
  • One in four (25 percent) had researched a home to find out any prior supernatural events (or other ghoulish activity)

Buying a Haunted Home

  • One-in four said they would consider buying a haunted home (26 percent)
  • Four out of ten would not (38 percent)
  • Roughly one third (36 percent) said they might consider buying

How Much They Would Pay

  • 1 percent said they would pay more than market value
  • 11 percent said they had no interest at all
  • 34 percent would buy if there was a discount ranging from 1 to 30 percent
  • 22 percent want a 31 to 50 percent discount
  • One of five (19 percent) would require a discount greater than 50 percent

Signs a Home Might Be Haunted

  • Home is more than 100 years old
  • Unexplainable low price
  • Warm and cold spots
  • Flickering lights and appliances (these are just a few mentioned in the article)

While I am not of the group that believes in haunted houses (nor do I like the Halloween versions—or roller coasters for that matter), I have seen some of what people say are symptoms of haunted homes. I grew up in an old Victorian home in Colorado build in 1895 — so it qualified on the old side. My first house in Houston, an asbestos-sided home built in 1950, with no grounded outlets, had wiring so bad that if you used an electric razor lights flickered for three blocks, and no insulation. As a result, there were always hot and cold spots. When I bought it the home was an unexplainable bargain – make that three counts towards being haunted. Was it haunted? I think not, given the drafts and poor wiring. If there were ghosts and spirits, they moved on to a better home before I got there.

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Happy Halloween – and a tip of the hat to for breaking up an intense month.

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