Another Top-10 List — Where it Costs the Most to Do a Toast

Right up front, let me admit this is a little far stretching for a real estate economist blog – but it is the end of a long year, so bear with me. The timing is appropriate.

Since its New Years Eve, let’s focus on Champagne. Champagne taxes, that is. The Tax Foundation, a non-profit located in Washington, D.C., released a study comparing Champagne taxes for each state, based on data from the Wine Institute.

So which states tax bubbly the most? I’ll bet you will be surprised.

The top-10 highest taxes are in the following table:

12-31-13 graph

And the lowest Champagne tax? Wisconsin at 25 cents per gallon. Beer in Wisconsin is taxed just 6 cents per gallon.

Naturally there are numerous caveats. To read the entire Tax Foundation article click To see the detailed underlying data from the Wine Institute click

And for my friends, how much are beer taxes? Click

Be sure and toast responsibly.

Happy New Year. Here’s to a great and prosperous 2014.


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