Another Top-10 List — The Hottest Neighborhoods in 2014

So where are the hottest top growing neighborhoods expected to be in the coming four months? A study by Redfin examined numerous metrics, including detailing what people look for in a neighborhood. Naturally, while we all expect highly-ranked schools and scenic community parks, Redfin agents found that many people are looking for shorter commute times or quick access to rail plus comparative affordability within that market place.

Redfin studied these neighborhoods including percent change in the number of listing page views and homes marked as favorites on websites.

So what are the top-ten neighborhoods according to Redfin for 2014?

2-1-14 graph1

Within each of the top 21 metro markets (I know this is a top-10 list but Redfin reports 21 markets) they include five neighborhoods from each area.

In Austin, for example, the top five ranked-neighborhoods by Redfin include:

2-1-14 graph2

You may ask why Austin instead of the other 20 cities included in the Redfin analysis—correct? Well, I live in Texas and Austin is a GREAT town, so chalk it up to my pick—nothing more.

To read the entire article including the top 21 metro areas and the top-five neighborhoods within each of these markets click

To learn more about Redfin click

While you may disagree with Redfin’s picks, they focused on prospective buyers behaviors to look at future markets. Pretty smart.

I look forward to your proposed methodology and selection for the top neighborhood markets nationwide.


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