Tips for Agents: How to Recruit Quality Employees

How do last year’s strong home sales impact hiring in our industry? It’s more competitive, with a greater battle for top talent. “The job market ended 2013 on a high note,” said Mark Zandi, Chief Economist of Moody’s. “It appears that businesses are growing more confident and increasing their hiring.”

So if our industry is experiencing growth with a shrinking talent pool, should we passively sit back and wait? Not a chance. Below are a few methods to ensure the next move is yours.

  1. Always Be Closing…and Recruiting
    If you restrict your recruiting to when you have an open position, you’re already behind. You should continually be on the lookout for talent. Be innovative! Ask yourself: what new skill could this candidate bring to my team? How could they challenge my current staff to reach the next level? Don’t just hire a clone of your top performer – hire your next rock star!

  2. Find Out the “Why”
    It is important to make sure you don’t assume that the market’s top producers are all vying for a chance to work with your company. If you aren’t sharing why your company is unique and why they should want to work for you, they won’t make the move. Ask questions to find out what they are looking for in a new role, and provide candid answers to their questions as well. Give the candidate the full picture of what it’s like to work for your company, and for you. Honesty is always best, and the candidate can make the best choice for all parties.

  3. Build Relationships
    If you ask your employees why they chose your job over a competitor’s, how would they answer? They would probably say that they could “see” themselves on your team, and that they made the choice to move because of a connection with you. Building relationships during the candidate interview process is critical for making those connections. Doing this early and consistently throughout the process could positively influence a candidate’s decision to join your team when they’re ready to make a move. People work for people, and those connections are key to building a good team.

Remember, there is no silver bullet when it comes to hiring. Be focused, have a plan and put it in motion. This is a talent marathon with both short-term and long-term perks – focus on building strong relationships, keeping in mind that in the end, all of us are recruiters for our company.

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