Another Top-10 List — Top Selling Master Planned Communities in 2013

Master planned communities (MPCs), where the entire town is planned out in advance, have been around for hundreds of years. Perhaps some of the most memorable ones following World War II were the Levittowns in Long Island, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. MPCs today are thriving around the world and in the U.S.

Ranking of the top 20 MPCs in the U.S. for 2013 was completed by John Burns Real Estate Consulting, which collected data on the top 100 MPCs.

So where were sales the greatest in 2013?

2-11-14 graph

The top 20 communities completed 15,338 sales in 2013, up 11 percent from 2012. Eight of the top 20 and three of the top 10 MPCs were located in the Houston Metropolitan Statistical Area.

Several of these communities were restricted in sales in 2013 due to a lack of available lots.

To read the entire article from John Burns, (a great blog you may wish to bookmark), click

My outlook for MPCs in 2014? Even more sales given growing construction almost nationwide. An increase of 20 percent or more would not be surprising at all.


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