Another Top-10 List — The Best States to Do Business Per Chief Executive

Where are the best places to do business? There is always going to be some subjectivity when comparing anything given the consumer’s intended use and their respective needs. That is true even when it comes to the best states in which to do business.

Each year I present the findings of the Tax Foundation, which ranks each state on five individual taxes.

Another way is to simply ask leaders of business their opinion, which is exactly what Chief Executive did. They surveyed more than 500 chief executives and asked for their ranking of the best and the worst states in which to operate. Each respondent was asked to grade the states in which they were familiar regarding tax and regulatory regimes, quality of the workforce, and the quality of the living environment. This year makes the 10th annual survey completed by Chief Executive.

So what are the best states in which to business?

5-13-14 graph1

Texas has ranked top of the list every year the survey has been completed.

So what are the most challenging states in which to operate from a business perspective?

5-13-14 graph2

To read Chief Executive’s entire 50 state ranking report click In the list of states, you can click the state name and read statistical data plus comments by survey respondents.

To find out more about Chief Executive click

My expectation is that over time, the higher ranked states will grow employment at a faster rate than the lower ranked states.

Without question, however, the rankings will change if differing criteria are used.

And your two cents on the topic?


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