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On average this past month I have tweeted 7.5 times per business day. While there are just 288 followers on my Twitter® account, two weeks ago some of the tweets were retweeted to more than 20,000 individuals.

Since so few of you tweet or follow me, now each week one of the Jones on Real Estate blog postings will cover the latest seven days of tweets ending each Thursday.

While you may recognize some of the data from my blog postings, there are always tidbits that just get Tweeted.

DrTCJ 2014 Tweets For July 25-31 2014

  • More than one-half (56.5%) of the households in NYC do not have an auto, while 10.1% in Houston & Dallas do not have a car per FORTUNE.
  • The average miles driven per year in the US has declined from a 9,314 peak in 2004 to 8,488 in 2012 – down 8.9% according to FORTUNE.
  • 14.7% of student loan borrowers default within the first 3 years that payments are due according to Bloomberg.
  • One in three households (35.3%) spent more than 30% of their income on housing in 2012, with 20% spending more than half per Bloomberg.
  • Median rent increased 4% from 2001 to 2012, but renter’s median income failed to keep up, falling 13% in the same period per Bloomberg.
  • New Jersey had the greatest percentage of homes with loans in the foreclosure inventory at 5.7%. Lowest was Alaska at 0.4% per CoreLogic.
  • There were 49,000 foreclosures completed in June 2014, down 9.9% from a year ago per CoreLogic. Average 2000 to 2006 was 21,000.
  • Seriously delinquent loans (90+ days past due) declined 24.5% from June 2013 to June 2014 per CoreLogic.
  • National foreclosure inventory (all homes in some stage of foreclosure) was off 35% this June compared to a year ago per CoreLogic.
  • An estimated 4.3% of all homes with loans were seriously delinquent (90 days or more past due) in June 2014, down 24.5% Y-O-Y per CoreLogic.
  • An estimated 1.7% of all homes with mortgages were in some stage of foreclosure in May 2014, down from 2.5% in June 2015 per CoreLogic.
  • Foreclosure inventory has declined 32 consecutive on a year-over-year basis per CoreLogic. June 2014 saw a reduction of 3.9% sequentially.
  • The S&P Case Shiller home price index, now at the slowest growth seen in a year. Homes now back, on average, to summer 2004 price levels.
  • Jumbo loan rates now are lower than conventional loan rates: a function of less risk in the borrower and dramatically lower lending costs.
  • Fed tapered Quantitative Easing to $25 billion per month given strong GDP gains of 4% in Q2. This is the 5th consecutive reduction in QE.
  • Q2 2014 4% GDP growth rate initial estimate vs. a 2.9% decline in Q1 2014 links the weaker economy and home sales in Q1 to bad weather.
  • The US homeownership rate fell again in Q2 2014 to 64.8% after peaking at 69.4% in Q2 2004 per US Census Bureau’s quarterly survey.
  • While almost 1/2 of Las Vegas residents have debt that has been turned over to collection agencies, in Minneapolis the rate is just 20.1%.
  • Texas has a high percent of households with delinquent debt reported to collection agencies, with Dallas at 44.3%% and Houston at 43.7%.
  • While the 15 year average rate of credit card holders overdue by 30 or more days is 3.82%, today it is just 2.44% – American Bankers Assn.
  • The average debt that has been reported to credit agencies for collection is $5,178 as of September 2013 per the Urban institute.
  • More than 35% of Americans have outstanding bills, loans &-or debts that have been reported to collection agencies per the Urban Institute.
  • Homeowners took out more than 230,000 HELOCS in Q1 2014 totaling $23.4 billion. Up 9% from a year ago per Equifax. Most since 2008.
  • Growth in the home improvement industry forecasted to peak in 2nd Half of 2014 per Harvard’s Joint Center for Housing.
  • The US Consumer Confidence Index in July soared to the highest level since October 2007 according to the Conference Board
  • Florida existing housing sales spiked 14.6% in June 2014 compared to a year ago per the Florida Realtors. Median price was up 5.2% to $185K
  • Canada has 227 hotel projects in the pipeline representing 24,262 total rooms according to the STR Pipeline Report.
  • In the early 2000s, 25% of young adults lived with parents. Today that is 35% per Goldman Sachs. In California now it is almost one-half
  • Zillow, in talks to acquire Trulia for $2 billion, is trading at $145.76, with the average analyst earnings estimate for 2014 of 29 cents.
  • Foreclosure filings fell 16% from a year ago, and are now at the lowest level since July 2006 as reported by RealtyTrac.
  • Nine out 10 Baby Boomers surveyed by AARP want to remain in their current home as long as possible, just the opposite of forecasts in 2006.
  • Fitch expects a pickup in housing markets in the 2nd half on 2014, with SFR starts rising 9.5% to 677K and multifamily gaining 12% to 343K.

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