Social Media – You Can’t Beat It, So Join It

Almost one-third of web users are discovering brands through social media. This demonstrates that it’s a powerful way to engage with your clients and keep them informed about your business. And while you may still be on the fence about engaging in social media, there’s no denying that it’s an extremely important piece of any marketing campaign.

For example, people who have never heard of your business, brand or product can find out about it through venues like Facebook® and Twitter®. Exposure is one of the most important parts of marketing; if people aren’t aware of a particular brand, they obviously won’t be purchasing it.

By using social media to improve brand recognition, it will be much easier to then use other marketing techniques, such as content marketing, to make actual sales. Online marketing is, in many ways, more interactive and complex than print or television marketing, but it can also be far more effective. Using a social media campaign to build brand awareness may not bring in direct sales as well as other methods, but it will help improve the effectiveness of other strategies.

When you decide to invest the time and money necessary to not only create a social presence, but also keep it active and engaging, you will help drive traffic to your websites and other digital properties. This can lead to more clients finding you.

The trick is to look at social media marketing more as a long-term investment to build brand awareness, customer engagement and sales. When handled properly, this type of marketing can bring in steady clients who will give you personal referrals – the most effective marketing there is.

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