DrTCJ’s Tweets September 9, 2016 Through September 30, 2016

For those of you that do not Tweet – you should consider doing so. If you want to talk about effective bang for the buck, the 140 total characters, letters, numbers and spaces of a Tweet on Twitter certainly qualifies. Who knew you could say so much in so little?

More important perhaps, is that Millennials — Social Media Core Users — are not only the largest population cohort ever seen in the U.S., but also, as of 2016, the largest home buying segment according to the National Association of Realtors®. Join in or check out, so-to-speak, with this massive economic demographic. One Florida Realtor® that occasionally retweets my info has 800,000+ followers – that is a highly effective use of their time!

Tweeting reminds me of Mark Twain, who wrote, “I would have written you a shorter letter but I didn’t have the time.” You need to pack a lot in a little space.

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While you may recognize some of the data from my blog, there are always items that just get Tweeted. I am always looking for “I did not know that” information.

DrTCJ’s Tweets September 9, 2016 Through September 30, 2016

  • The Most Unaffordable Housing Markets in the US — Price Versus Salary 1 Brooklyn NY 2 Santa Cruz CA 3 Marin CA — ATTOM Data Solutions
  • August 2016 non-seasonally adjusted home sales rose 7.3 percent vs a year ago to 541,000 from 504,000 – NAR
  • Existing Home Sales Average Days on Market 2016 All sales 36 Days Foreclosures 42 Days Short Sales 144 Days Non-Distressed 35 Days
  • 46% of existing home sales that closed in August 2016 were on the market less than 1 month – NAR
  • Foreclosure home prices were discounted 12% vs non-distressed sales in August 2016 and short sales were discounted 14% – NAR
  • Only 1 in 20 home sales (5%) in August 2016 were distressed properties (foreclosures or short sales) the least since Oct 2008 – NAR
  • 1st Time Homebuyers completed one out of 10 (31 percent) home sales in August 2016 versus 40 percent a decade ago – NAR
  • Investors accounted for 16 percent of all existing home sales in August 2016 and paid all-cash 62% of the time – NAR
  • Consumer Confidence Index hit 104.1 in September 2016, the highest level seen since August 2007 – The Conference Board
  • Halloween cost per person is expected to be $82.93 in 2016, up from $74.34 a year ago with total spending of $8.4 billion, up +22% YOY – NRF
  • Despite cheap oil, electricity from nuclear reactors could grow 56% by 2030 with 30 nations discussing plans – Power Magazine via Crain’s
  • A presidential debate record 10.3 million Tweets were sent last night – 62% for @realDonaldTrump 38% for @HillaryClinton MarketWatch
  • Waiting for oil prices to come back? Get ready to wait longer as Goldman Sachs cuts Q4 2016 oil price target to $43 from $50 – MarketWatch
  • A discussion of housing was essentially a no-show at the first presidential debate last night – HousingWire
  • If all of the New Orleans homes for rent full-time on Airbnb were available for sale, for-sale listings would increase 30% – HousingWire
  • Millennial Women Living Paycheck to Paycheck 37% all Millennials 41% Mothers 34% Non-Mothers 36% Hispanic Millennials – CafeMedia
  • Existing townhouse + condo sales were up 0.97% YTD through August 2016 vs a year ago – NAR
  • Existing single family existing home sales were up 3.57% YTD through August 2016 vs a year ago – NAR
  • Investment banker income at a YTD $3.7 billion is down from the 2000 YTD inflation-adjusted peak of $12.7 billion due to low rates – WSJ
  • Just 68 companies have done an IPO on US stock exchanges YTD vs 138 companies a year ago in the same period – WSJ
  • Size matters as small hedge funds (less than $250 million) are up 4.1% YTD vs 1.4% for those $1 billion and up – WSJ
  • Investment banker income on new IPOs, follow-on stock offerings and convertible debt YTD is just $3.7 billion, lowest since 1995 – WSJ
  • S&P500 price was 17 times operating earnings in 2007 (pre-recession) and is now 20 times earnings – Wall Street Journal OPINION page
  • Federal Reserve keeps the Fed Funds Rate unchanged
  • Freddie Mac forecasts conventional fixed-rate loan interest rates will finish at an annual average of 3.6% in 2016, lowest in 40 years
  • Freddie Mac revised median home price increase forecasts in 2016 vs a year ago to 5.6% (last month 5.3%) and 2017 at 4.7% (up from 4.0%)
  • Potential impact of #FOMC #Fed funds rate increases on #mortgages – read my @HousingWire article
  • Fannie Mae is optimistic about the 2nd half of 2016, forecasting a 2.6% growth in GDP vs 1% in the first half of the year – Fannie Mae
  • Why Millennials Are Not Saving College Loan Debt Can’t Trust Wall Street Market is Too Risky Investing is Too Complicated SmartAsset
  • 76% of Millennials are optimistic about the future looking 5 years ahead, but only 37% feel confident in saving for a home – US Bancorp
  • While Texas hotels saw a 3.5% increase in revenues YOY, Houston was down 2.5% – http://Bizjournal.com
  • August 2016 medical care costs posted the largest increase in 32 years gaining 1.0% in one month vs the CPI up 1.1% for the year – Reuters
  • US household net worth rose $1.07 trillion (+1.2%) in Q2 2016: home equity up $474 billion & equities up $452 billion – Federal Reserve
  • Just 54% of Baby Boomers in the workforce have saved at least $25,000 for retirement with more than half at zero savings – Ramsey Solutions
  • Hotels thus far in 2016 have seen supply up 1.5%, flat occupancy at 65.5%, average daily rate up 3.2% to $124.12 & RevPAR up 3.2% – STR
  • Investors flipped 51,000+ homes in Q2 2016, a 3% gain year-over-year & the most since 2010 – ATTOM Data Solutions via The MBA NewsLink
  • The average deductible for healthcare policies has doubled from $735 in 2008 to $1,478 in 2016 – Kaiser Family Foundation-HRET
  • Pending single family home sales in Houston, Texas, rose 10.1% in August 2016 vs a year ago, with months inventory now 4.0 months – HAR
  • Houston single family home sales jumped up 8.2% in August 2016 vs a year ago, with the median price rising 4.2% to $225,000 – HAR
  • Hispanic’s homeownership rate was just 45% vs 72% for non-Hispanics in 2015 but accounted for 65% of net homeownership growth in 2015 – HousingWire
  • More than 50 million homes in the US have a mortgage loan of which 17% have less than 20% in equity & 1.9% less than 5% equity – CoreLogic
  • Owners home equity grew by $646 billion in Q2 2016 vs a year earlier, a 9.9% gain – CoreLogic
  • 548,000 homeowners with mortgages moved into positive equity in Q2 2016, with 92.9% of all loans now above water – CoreLogic
  • 9.1% of all people did not have health insurance in 2015 (29.0 million), down from 10.4% in 2014 (33.0 million) – US Census Bureau
  • Median household income rose 5.2% in 2015 vs 2014 to $56,516, the 1st increase since 2007, and the poverty rate dropped 1.2% – Census Bureau
  • 34,000 residential foreclosures were completed in July 2016, down 29.1% from a year ago – CoreLogic
  • 81% of surveyed economists do not see the US economy peaking until 2018 or later – National Association for Business Economics via USA Today
  • Education is our future – Texas college grads make 97% more than non-grads – Federal Reserve Bank Dallas
  • In preparation for the upcoming delivery deluge in the holiday season, UPS is pre-hiring workers for 3 to 5 hour shifts – WSJ
  • Among rural shoppers that have to drive 10 or more miles, 30% were members of Amazon Prime in 2015 vs 22% in 2014 – Kantar Retail via WSJ
  • California’s Governor signed legislation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions 40% by 2030 vs 1990, most ambitious reduction in the world – WSJ
  • Workers in the lowest quartile on the pay scale made $13 per hour in Q2 2016, up 3.1% YOY vs a 2.5% gain in manufacturing pay – BLS via WSJ
  • Slowing US Hispanic Growth 5.8% Annually in 1990s 4.4% Annually 2000-2007 2.8% Annually 2007-2014 Pew Research Center via WSJ
  • 73% of rural consumers (that have to drive a minimum 10 miles to shop) are buying online vs 68% 2 years ago – Kantar Retail vis WSJ
  • UK commercial values are forecast to decline up to 12% by next summer though no UK recession is seen right now – CBRE via EPRA

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