Another Top-10 List — Most Desired Places to Live in 2017

Forget the surveys that tell people the best places to live based on formulas, assorted metrics and black boxes. Just ask people where they would prefer to live if they could. That’s what Google did and U.S. News reported their findings.

They surveyed the 100 largest metros across the U.S. and ranked the top 25 based on those findings. In addition to population, median price and annual income data, I also added a column calculated by dividing median price by annual income. The greater the multiple, the more expensive is housing.

2-17-17 table


I have visited every one of these cities – which usually does not happen on these type of lists. Weather wise, some of these would not be on my list. Housing costs range from expensive to extremely expensive based on the home price – income multiple. The general rule is that the home price should be no more than 2.5 to 3 times a household’s annual income.

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My most desirable place to live? Since these are the 100 largest metros, smaller ones are not included. Some my favorites did not make the list. Fredericksburg, Texas, however, is just 90 miles west of Austin.

What is your most desirable place to live?



  1. FredC

    I’m familiar with San Diego. The median home price of $484k that’s referenced is amusing. Most people would not like the home or neighborhood a purchase at that price point would yield. I’d say you should expect to pay a minimum of $700k for a 3/2 in an area with decent schools, etc. If you want great schools and a more upscale vibe, $850k.

    We are looking at the Sarasota area. It’s not cheap, but reasonably priced suburbs are still available, zero state income tax, awesome beaches and warm ocean water.

    I was watching the Fixer Upper TV show last night and saw a couple who moved to Waco from San Diego and redid a house with a $350k total budget, for purchase and remodel. In SD, what the ended up with would be a million-two. Good for them!

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