Another Top-10 List — Top Paying Jobs for People With Power of Persuasion

Most jobs require skill sets in order to be considered for a position. Some of these skill sets are highly important to multiple jobs across numerous disciplines. Sales is a job that requires the salesperson to convince a potential buyer of goods or services to purchase from them. Defense attorneys are an obvious profession requiring the power of persuasion.

One unique skill set is the ability to persuade. The power of persuasion is mission critical in many jobs. There is even an index ranking power of persuasion. The Occupational Information Network (O*NET) is an online jobs database created by the US Department of Labor. It contains information on “hundreds of standardized and occupation-specific descriptors.” The index assigns a score from one to 100 and assigns each occupation a persuasion importance level.

To find out what are some of the higher-paying jobs requiring the power of persuasion, CNBC utilized O*NET looking for those jobs requiring high persuasion skills paying more than $60,000 per year. Their findings are in the following table.

3-31-17 table


The takeaway on this blog is not the list of 10 jobs above, but rather how the O*NET database can assist students, jobseekers and even employers in evaluating their best fit given their skill sets and, for students, what other skill sets they need to acquire to excel in their job performance.

Within the O*NET Database is a skills set tool that allows the user to select their current or planned to acquired skill sets and abilities. The user can click across six primary skill sets with each containing multiple subsets. By clicking on those skills, the database generates a list of jobs requiring such skills. Then by clicking on these, a report is generated that first summarizes the duties of the position and then breaks it down into the following:

  • Tasks
  • Technology Skills and Sets
  • Skills Required (such as math, reading comprehension)
  • Abilities
  • Detailed Work Activities
  • Work Context (phone, email, face-to-face, time sitting, where done)
  • Job Zone
  • Education

To utilize this powerful tool click

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As CNBC wrote, these are jobs for people that win every argument. Obviously, each of these jobs requires other skill sets in addition to the power of persuasion. As economist, when I deliver my 130 to 150 economic forecast speeches each year I am attempting to convince you that my forecast for things such as job growth, real estate values changes, sales levels and interest rates will be correct and on-target. Otherwise, why even try?


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