Another Top-10 List — Where $100 Buys the Most (and Least)

Things costs more in some states than others and some states cost less.  As usual, I invoke the TINSTAANREM axiom — There Is No Such Thing As A National Real Estate Market.  Nor is there such a thing as uniform costs for goods and services across the country.  Some states are more expensive than some and others cheaper.

To find out how far $100 will go buying items, the Tax Foundation utilized data from the Bureau of economic Analysis on how much things cost in 2015 in each state.  The Tax Foundation then converted the cost data into how much $100 buys in each state.  The following table shows how far $100 can go.   Hawaii is the most expensive and Mississippi the least costly.  A typical consumer in Mississippi gets almost 38 percent more stuff for their $100 than their counterparts in Hawaii.

8-5-17a table

To read the entire article from the Tax Foundation click

The moral of the story is that in addition to how much people earn, to get a full comparison of economic livability the costs of goods and services need to also be considered.

Given shipping costs I am certain that no one is surprised how expensive Hawaii is, but at the same time may not have expected California being included in the 10 most-expensive states.



  1. Liz

    WHEW, Mississippi is finally #1 in something!!

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