Another Top-10 List — Longest and Most Stressful Commute Times

When moving from College Station, Texas, to Houston more than 20 years ago, my primary goal was to live within a 10-minute drive from the office.   At that time in life I figured my Road Therapy had been maxed out.  Fortunately, a home in my price range was located 1.1 miles from work.

Unfortunately for many, their commute is far greater.  Robert Half surveyed workers from 27 major U.S. cities asking about their average commute times and the relative stress level of commuting.  More than 2,700 responded to the survey in September 2017.

The top-10 cities with the longest commute times are listed in the following table, including average commute time in minutes.

Commute time is not the only component of the commute, as stress is a major issue.  Respondents were asked about their relative stress levels during their commutes, with the relative rankings as follows.

To read the entire report from Robert Half click

My Road Therapy today is 12 minutes across 3.6 miles.   For those that drive more or longer, my true condolences.

If you have a particularly stressful commute, reply back and we will post.



  1. Pam

    Interesting Ted, I would have expected Houston to appear on the list. My commute from Summerwood in NE Houston is rarely under an hour, and sometime way over.



    1. Ted

      Thanks – Houston did rank 6th under most stressful.


      1. Pam

        Yes, my 1 to 1 and ½ hour commute is stressful, especially if it rains! Hence the reason I now listen to audio books on my drive to the office if needed for face to face meetings. Otherwise, I work from my home office. I’m blessed to work for a manager who understands that with a heavy travel schedule, I can be even more productive when I don’t have to deal with the stressful commute. Stewart is a great place to work!!

        Thanks Ted!

        1. Ted


  2. Shannon Gadbois

    Punta Gorda life is good, my new commute is 12 minutes
    Hope all is well!


  3. Lynne Demarest

    I don’t think they consulted Houston suburbanites… before I moved in closer two years ago, my commute on a good day was 1.5 hours each way


    1. Ted

      Houston was ranked 6th most stressful! Ted

  4. Eddie

    Move to Texarkana. Only a modicum of road stress here

  5. Dana

    Thank you. I’m glad Houston was not at the top of the list.


  6. Thomas Slupske

    My commute to my home-office is about 15 paces. 🙂 However, that doesn’t account for stops to the bathroom, refrigerator TV or ???. Those interruptions could increase my commute time to an hour. 🙁 I enjoyed your presentation in Minneapolis on 12/6/2017; and preceding years. Thank You.

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