Another Top-10 List — Most Affordable Beach Towns 2018

As cold grips much of the U.S., what better a time to think about warm sunny beaches this coming summer.   Given most people’s budget limitations, however, cost is a major criterion.  Where are the most affordable places in the U.S. to own a house in a beach town?  And to do so without breaking the budget given the ongoing costs of home ownership?

To answer this, once again SmartAsset® has completed an analysis of the most affordable U.S. Beach Towns. They examined 221 cities utilizing four metrics – all are medians taken from the Census Bureau’s 2016 5-Year American Community Survey:

  • Home Value
  • Monthly Housing Cost
  • Rooms Per House – if you have a beach house, they will come….
  • Property Taxes

The median number of rooms was given a 50 percent weight with the rest at 100 percent.  Each of the metrics were ranked, with the city having the best score given an index of 100 and the worst a zero.

The findings once again (and a little changed from 2017) include some towns with GREAT beaches, as shown in the following table.  Naturally, these are not beach-front property values, but they are located within the respective towns with beaches.

To read the entire SmartAsset study and peruse the 25 most affordable beach towns click

In full disclosure we have a place in Galveston (ranked 23rd most affordable and just a one-hour drive from the primary dwelling).  My favorites on this list are Pensacola and Ft Walton Beach, with the area from Pensacola-Ft Walton-Destin-Sand Destin having the most beautiful beaches in the lower-48 states – at least in my opinion.

The data (in my opinion) can be potentially misleading as far as the actual costs since these are all median metrics from the Census Bureau’s Five-Year American Housing Survey from 2016.  There were no doubt big changes in some markets in 2017.

As you turn up the heat and snuggle under the blankets tonight, have pleasant dreams thinking about your yet-to-be affordable house in a beach town this summer.



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