Top US Destinations Where Young Adults are Moving

The U.S. population is always in flux from people moving to new destinations.  According to a study of U.S. Census Bureau data, each year:

  • 2 percent of people in the U.S. move to a different county
  • 3 percent relocate to a different state
  • Those in college and career bound move more often
  • Millennials move almost twice as frequently as the population as a whole

To identify the top destinations for young adults, 24/7 Wall Street looked at the top 40 counties where Millennials aged 25 to 34 moved to in 2016, with the ranks based on number locating in the county as a percentage of the county’s total population.  The following table shows the top-10 counties out of the top 40 identified by the study.  It was surprising to me to see the top ranked county to which young adults relocated to had a massive 7.8 percent increase in population just from the movers as shown in the following table.

To read the USA Today article and view all of the top 40 counties click

No doubt, where the younger adults are relocating to will make a material difference in those local economies and housing markets.  From an investment perspective, these may already be hot spots for entrepreneurs.



  1. Dave Bittner

    I am a REALTOR and your August 30, 2018 post caught my eye. I was surprised that so many of the destinations were places I had never heard of. As I began investigating, I learned that many were US Army bases! The soldiers there are certainly younger than most of the population, which skews the statistics. Susanville, CA seems to be dominated by the prison. Only the Alexandria, VA and Denver, CO are actually impacted by inward migration.

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