Monthly Take Home Pay by State for People Earning $100,000 Per Year

Where you live may not only impact gross income, but also how much of those earnings become take home  pay.

To find out in which states earners take home more and less on an after-tax basis, SmartAsset looked at the take home pay for people earning $100,000 in the largest city in each and every state.

Deductions from monthly income included:

  • State Income Taxes (where applicable)
  • Local Income Taxes (where applicable)
  • Federal Income Tax (for everyone)
  • FICA (for everyone)

Nine states all tied at the greatest monthly after-tax take home pay at $6,329:  Alaska, Florida, Nevada, New Hampshire, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Washington and Wyoming.  When these nine are compared to the state with the lowest monthly after-tax income (New York at $5,574), earners in the lowest-tax states took home 13.5 percent more each and every month.

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These findings do not address the relative cost of living in each of these markets, making the impact for people in the highest cost locales even greater.

Where you live does impact your economic salary on an after-tax basis.



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