How “DocuSign” Became a Verb

If you are in the real estate, mortgage or title industry then you’ve probably heard someone say, “Just DocuSign it!”  When DocuSign pioneered the widespread use of electronic signatures back in 2003, few knew that the most eager beneficiaries would be real estate agents. As some of the most “on the go” professionals in the world, real estate agents were more than ready to adopt electronic signatures and DocuSign paved the way with a very easy-to-use online tool.

While eliminating paper (and toner!) has always been important, there are other benefits, including:

  • Consumer Expectations – Buyers and Sellers increasingly expect online options. DocuSign delivers
  • Early Document Review – When DocuSign is available, consumers can review their docs earlier
  • Reduced Errors – With DocuSign, there are no missed signatures or initials sore-signing is eliminated
  • Guaranteed Delivery – No more delayed (or missing!) overnight packages or courier fees
  • Faster Response – At Stewart, the majority of DocuSign signatures are returned in the same day
  • Anytime and Anywhere – People are mobile with varying schedules. DocuSign brings flexibility

With DocuSign being the de facto standard across numerous industries, many buyers and sellers are already familiar with the ease of use and safety afforded by DocuSign’s bank-grade security. When the National Association of REALTORS® named DocuSign as their official and exclusive provider of electronic signature services under their member benefits program, it became the real estate standard. And, since lenders began following the same path for delivery of required disclosures, DocuSign has moved toward becoming a mortgage industry standard, as well.

At Stewart, we use DocuSign to bring anytime-anywhere convenience to you – the Realtors, lenders, buyers and sellers that make homeownership a reality. Talk to your local Stewart representative today to find out how you can simply say “DocuSign it!” to make your next transaction your best transaction.

Disclaimer: DocuSign may not be available in all markets. Please check with your local Stewart Title office for availability

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