Another Top-10 List — Best Big Cities to Live In Today 2018

There is no shortage of the best places to live lists, with each yielding a differing set of winners – with the outcome dependent on the inclusion and exclusion criteria, metrics and relative weightings.   A Best Cities to Live Stewart Blog was last included in September 2018 which can be found at

The latest list comes from Money and and was targeted at the largest cities in America.  Money focused on the following for their findings of the Best Big Cities to Live In Today.  Included among the 8,000 data points were:

  • Minimum population of 300,000
  • Eliminated were cities with less than 85 percent of the State median household income, those with double the national crime risk and areas with lack of diversity
  • Attractions, iconic neighborhoods, relatively low cost of living, promising job growth
  • Limited to one city per state

In addition to the data provided by and MONEY, also added for each of the cities was the latest 12-month job growth rate as of October 2018 for the corresponding Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA).   The latest 12-month job growth rate for the U.S. was 1.71 percent, with just two of these top-10 falling below that level:  Lexington, Kentucky at 0.93 percent and Virginia Beach, Virginia at 1.22 percent.

I personally have been in each of these cities and agree that they all have a vibe and uniqueness that qualifies for the top-10.  Not included, however, were any factors for climate.  For me (and my dislike of the cold and snow), also needed was a metric with the fewest number of days of freezing weather.

To read the entire list of Money’s &’s Best Big Cities to Live In Today click

There never will be a one-size-fits all for the best places to live.  Fortunately this great earth is as diverse as we humans are complex.

For me, I never need to see snow ever again.  Ever.


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