Fastest Growing Jobs of 2018

It is only Wednesday and I have already been asked by three parents this week what their kids should study at college in order to obtain a well-paying job upon graduation.   While the question seems simple, the answer likely involves several more questions.  The cost of obtaining the education necessary for the job varies.  Likewise do the prerequisites.   If students do not have adequate math and computer courses in high school, they are now limited to a subset of fields of study and ultimate employment.

Just because a job pays well does not necessarily mean that it is readily available.   Some well-paying positions do not require many workers.

To identify the fastest growing jobs of 2018, CNBC had PayScale conduct an exclusive study on the fastest growing jobs in the U.S. in 2018 in relationship to total new hires.  They reported the 25 fastest growing jobs , which are shown in the following table.   In addition to median income, also reported is the Growth Score.   The report states, “Growth Scores indicate how many more times a role was hired for this year as compared to the average job in the U.S.”

The fastest growing jobs, median salary and Growth Score are reported for the 25 top positions.  Within the top 25, 12 were mathematics or computer oriented.

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PayScale also listed the likely fastest growing jobs for 2019 with roles in:

  • Big Data
  • Cyber Security
  • Cloud Computing
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Cannabis – with the greatest demand for budtenders

Things do change.

Perhaps the best key to future employment prospects is nimbleness in the mathematics and computer disciplines.

That pretty much SUMS IT UP……



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