State Employment Performance — July 2019

Jobs are everything to an economy.  Period.

The following table shows the percentage change in jobs in the 12-months ending July 2019 as reported by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.  These represent all total, non-farm jobs on a seasonally adjusted basis for all 50 states plus the District of Columbia.  Just one state reported a net loss in the total number of jobs – Louisiana, down an almost undetectable 0.05 percent posting a 12-month job decline of 100.  The surprise performer of the month was New Mexico, posting an impressive 2.35 percent year-over-year gain and coming in 8th best overall.

The next table shows each state alphabetically, detailing job growth rates for the past 12-months, 2-years, 5-years and 10-years plus net job gains in the prior 12 months and the total number of jobs as of the end of July 2019.

For comparison purposes, the following table shows the 12-month job growth rates ending July by year for 2013 through 2019.

Jobs are everything, but not all states are participating in the economic prosperity present today.


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