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Another Top-10 List — The Most Expensive Buildings Ever Built

When it comes to the most expensive buildings ever built, my thoughts go to solid rocket missile plants (have done that analysis), aerospace and aircraft manufacturing (ditto), refineries, major industrial projects or similar properties. Was I ever wrong. Business Insider came up with the list of the most costly buildings ever built — after adjusting …Read more

Another Top-10 List — Most Popular Stores in the U.S.

Imagine a company so popular that more than one-half of all U.S. consumers visit monthly. That same company, according to 24/7 Wall Street “has larger revenues than the GDP of most countries.” Who is it? Walmart, according to a study completed by 24/7 Wall Street. 24/7 Wall Street examined three sources of data for foot …Read more

Tax Freedom Day 2016

Once again on April 24th we notched Tax Freedom Day® for 2016, as defined by the Tax Foundation (a non-profit research group in Washington, D.C., analyzing and writing on essentially everything dealing with taxes of all types). This means that the typical taxpayer works 114 days each year just to pay all of their taxes. …Read more

Another Top-10 List — Fastest Growing Cities in 2016

There is a badge of merit for those metro areas having the greatest growth rates (both demographically as in population and economically) across the country. When It comes to population growth rates, bigger is better. Ditto the economy. What was hot last year, however, may not necessarily be so this year, and there may be …Read more

Anatomy of Wire Fraud

This post may affect many of you not only professionally, but also personally. JP Morgan estimated 27 percent of wire transfers in 2014 were affected by either attempted or actual fraud. Imagine the worst: the funds in the transaction did not transfer from buyer to rightful seller and are now unrecoverable. People’s life savings are …Read more