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State Job Growth — January 2019

Axioms are truths, and my primary Axiom is that Jobs Are everything to the economy.  Period.   That is also my speech topic for 2019. Dramatic swings in employment data are not uncommon – just look at the comparison of 304,000 net new jobs created nationwide in January 2019 compared to  the miniscule 20,000 net new …Read more

Real GDP Growth by State — Q2 2018 to Q3 2018

Performance metrics are keys in every business.  Having grown up on a sheep ranch, one of the very important metrics measured was the average daily gain of sheep.  Since all of the livestock were exposed to the same feed conditions, it was important to identify the genetics that provided the best performance (average daily gain).  …Read more

Average Income Tax Refunds by State — 2018

Tax season is upon us once again.   The one universally liked item about income taxes are tax refunds – occurring when an individual has an excess of taxes withheld from their paychecks.  The average income tax refund in 2018 was $2,727 according to the Internal Revenue Service.   This year is different since most Americans filing …Read more

Top-Marginal Corporate Income Tax Rates by State 2019

Tax season is upon us, but there are more taxes to consider than just personal income taxes.  Most states also collect corporate income taxes, although this source  accounts for just an average 3.38 percent of state tax collections and 2.24 percent of state general revenues. The following table (from the Tax Foundation) shows the top-marginal …Read more

Dr Glenn Mueller’s Q4 2018 Commercial Real Estate Cycles Report

This is the latest installment of the Must Have quarterly report for those in commercial real estate   For me this is the most timely read quarterly information regarding Commercial Real Estate — Dr. Glenn Mueller’s Real Estate Cycles Q4 2018 report.  The report contains valuable for office, apartment, retail, industrial and hotel commercial real …Read more

Best Jobs in America 2019

As the new year progresses, the questions from parents and grandparents continue: “What should my child-grandchild-God child-niece-nephew-cousin et al major in at college to obtain a good job?   This question arises multiple times weekly. Fortunately, U.S. News and World creates an annual compilation of the jobs that are projected to have the greatest number of …Read more

State Job Growth — December 2018

Axioms are truths, and my primary Axiom is that Jobs Are everything to an economy.  Period.   That is the speech topic for 2019. Given a rocketing 312,000 net new jobs created nationwide in December 2018, many states fared the same with better-than-expected results.  Then there are others as job growth is not systemic across the …Read more