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U.S. Homeownership Rate by State

Not only is homeownership the key component of the American Dream, the home is the largest store of wealth for the majority of American families.  Good news is that homeownership is increasing in the U.S. once again.  After the U.S. homeownership rate peaked at 69.2 percent in 2004 (driven by the unthrottled availability of subprime …Read more

How The Average American Household Spent Their Money — 2018

Do you ever question where all the money you earned went?  That thought likely applies to most of us.   A great friend often says, “Life happens.”   And I typically add, “And it costs more than you thought it would.” Fortunately the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics tracks typical household incomes and expenditures.   HowMuch.Net added details …Read more

Top-40 Auto Theft Metros 2018

There are two factors in addition to having a job most people pursue regarding where they live: affordability and quality of life.   Impacting both of those are crime.  Crime not only nudges our personal safety factor, but it costs us.  An estimated three-quarters of a million vehicles were stolen in 2018, or 229 thefts per …Read more

Lowest Paying Jobs Requiring College Degrees

College loans now total $1.5 trillion and are restricting many from homeownership, which still proves to be the largest store of wealth for the typical U.S. household.  Unfortunately, having a job requiring a college degree does not necessarily equate to high income or attainment of wealth. While most people work to attain a college degree …Read more