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Another Top-10 List — Most Revenues Per Employee

No matter how much focus is placed on expense controls, without revenues there are no profits.  The keystone to the economic performance of a company is how much total revenue the average employee adds:  the greater the revenue per person, the greater the potential profit.  Naturally, costs must be subtracted from gross revenues to calculate …Read more

Another Top-10 List — Best Cities to Start a Career

The first job after college is so important in launching a career and positioning a person for their lifelong earnings.   As shown in the past, it’s just not the level of pay but also associated living costs, growth potential (in responsibility and remuneration) and quality of life that need consideration.  As usual, I invoke the …Read more

Average Mortgage Interest Deduction by State — 2015

Congress has encouraged homeownership by allowing the deduction of home mortgage interest payments and property taxes on primary and second homes owned by individuals.  For full details on home mortgage interest deductibility as it currently stands, read the IRS publication with all of the particulars at Naturally to qualify for a deduction, the minimums …Read more