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Another Top-10 List — Best States for Employment Growth

Jobs are everything to an economy.  Period.  Wherever jobs go, so goes the demand for real estate – both housing and commercial.   Some states consistently produce stronger job growth, while others are reliably weak over time – with many in between.  Once again I invoke the invoke the TINSTAANREM axiom — There Is No …Read more

Existing Home Sales Speed Forward in March 2017, Up 5.9 Percent Year-Over-Year with Median Price Up 6.8 Percent

Existing home sales accelerated into March 2017, hitting a seasonally-adjusted annualized rate (SAAR) of 5.71 million, up 5.9 percent year-over-year and the most since February 2007, according to the National Association of Realtors® (NAR). On an unadjusted basis, a total 456,000 single family, townhouse and condos were sold in March, up 8.3 percent versus a year ago.

Why Warm a Heart?

Being a native Austinite and having worked in and around the downtown area all my life, I can say with absolute certainty that the number of homeless people in this city is significantly too many. Having been in law enforcement for years, my husband Robert worked with the less fortunate on many occasions and saw …Read more

Title Insurance Can Be ‘A Little Tricky’ in Certain 1031 Exchanges

Although this blog is avowedly apolitical, with the results of the recent election, it seems likely that one of the most significant tax benefits for real estate investors will remain intact – the 1031 exchange. A properly structured 1031 exchange allows a seller of real estate to defer taxes on capital gains on the sale …Read more

What Does Title Insurance Underwriting Have to do with Starbucks?

Underwriting is a word commonly used in the title insurance business. But how many of us really understand the role of a title insurance underwriter? The word means to “write at the foot of or subscribe,” with subscribe coming from the Latin word to write-under. The term is believed to have been coined in the …Read more

Title Insurance Protects People from the Past

Recently, I had the fortunate experience of being interviewed by the Albuquerque Journal for a story on the value of title insurance. Along with Division President Jennifer Greenwood, we had the opportunity to make a complex process easier to understand and explain the importance of title insurance. As I noted in the story, most insurance …Read more

How Much Will New Scrivener’s Affidavit Really Help?

It is often said that laws are like sausage – it’s better not to see them being made.  This quote, attributed to Otto Von Bismarck, could well apply to the recently enacted New Mexico Scrivener’s Affidavit law (Senate Bill 146) and signed into law by Governor Susana Martinez.  The law went into effect July 1, …Read more