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Best State Capitals to Live In — 2019

State capitals are no-doubt the bastions of political power in each state – at least when the legislatures are in session.  Many of the state capitals are also home to universities and colleges and major businesses and industries.  Others (17 by count) are the largest cites in each state.  But just like all cities, each …Read more

State Job Growth Rates and Metrics — February 2019

This continues the theme that Axioms are truths, and my primary Axiom is that Jobs Are everything to the economy.  Period. Variability in job growth exists across all states at any point in time and also within the same state over a time period.    As usual, I invoke the TINSTAANREM axiom — There Is …Read more

Top-Paying Jobs in the U.S. 2019

As mentioned in prior blogs, perhaps the most frequent question I receive is, “What should my __________  (daughter, son, granddaughter, grandson –fill in the blank) study in college to be successful?”  Success is not necessarily a function of what a person studies.  While some people forgo compensation and pursue their personal desires, others are more …Read more

Net Federal Funding Per Capita by State — 2017

While residents and businesses from each state pay taxes to the federal government, each state also receives grants, programs and payments back from the feds.  The amount sent and received on a per capita basis is not equal.  Some states received more money back per capita than the state paid while others paid more than …Read more

Top State Individual Marginal Income Tax Rates – 2019

Given progressive federal income tax rates in the U.S., almost everyone is aware that the more an individual makes, the greater their probable income tax burden (depending on deductions).  Where a person lives, however, can also impact potential income taxes given state and in some instances local assessments. We all agree that state and local …Read more

State Job Growth — January 2019

Axioms are truths, and my primary Axiom is that Jobs Are everything to the economy.  Period.   That is also my speech topic for 2019. Dramatic swings in employment data are not uncommon – just look at the comparison of 304,000 net new jobs created nationwide in January 2019 compared to  the miniscule 20,000 net new …Read more

Real GDP Growth by State — Q2 2018 to Q3 2018

Performance metrics are keys in every business.  Having grown up on a sheep ranch, one of the very important metrics measured was the average daily gain of sheep.  Since all of the livestock were exposed to the same feed conditions, it was important to identify the genetics that provided the best performance (average daily gain).  …Read more