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Another Top-10 List — Best Small Towns to Visit in 2016

There has always been a quaintness of small towns that still are different from the cookie-cutter franchised-cluttered enclaves of so many locales today. We still flock to them in high season, but often low-season is even better because so few people are there. And It costs less. Sometimes one-half as much. I can remember going …Read more

Another Top-10 List — Most Friendly Tax States in the U.S. Round 2

A previous blog presented the Tax Foundation’s 2016 ranking of the Best Places To Do Business based a mix of five taxes. As previously stated, “Ratings and indices, depending on assumptions, variables and weightings, will yield differing results.” You can read the Round 1 Blog on this topic at A second look at the Most …Read more

Destination Travel Preferences Across Generations

The peak summer travel season is upon us. With the Travel and Leisure segment making up almost one out of every nine jobs, marketing to those using these services is BIG business. See the July 4th blog titled The Leisure and Hospitality Segment — More than 1 Out of Every 10 Jobs in the US …Read more

Another Top-10 List — America’s Most Affordable Big Cities

We all appreciate the charm and calmness of small towns, but then admit that larger locales offer more opportunities — employment, entertainment, education, healthcare, travel options and shopping – just to name a few. There are tradeoffs as in many instances larger cities have increased crime rates, more noise, congestion, longer commute times and higher …Read more

Another Top-10 List — Best Cities for Working Woman

Woman have grown from filling 29 percent of all jobs in 1967 to almost 50 percent today. In 2011, four-in-ten mothers were the primary breadwinner for their family. Thus the income for many is critical to the well being of their family. Statistics, however, show that median women’s pay typically remains less than men’s. Recent …Read more