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Another Top-10 List — Best Cities for Working Woman

Woman have grown from filling 29 percent of all jobs in 1967 to almost 50 percent today. In 2011, four-in-ten mothers were the primary breadwinner for their family. Thus the income for many is critical to the well being of their family. Statistics, however, show that median women’s pay typically remains less than men’s. Recent …Read more

Just as the Miserable Weather in December, January and February Froze Housing Markets, the Warming Spring is Spilling into the Economy.

Just as the miserable weather in December, January and February froze housing markets, the warming spring is spilling into the economy. April job growth pegged 288,000 net new jobs – the largest since January 2012. It was the fifth best monthly gain since February 2006 and ranked the ninth best month in the past 10 …Read more

Another Top-10 List — Worst States for Retirement Security

As I approach the big SIX ZERO this year, retirement and related considerations are taking a place in the planning process more than any time prior. Fortunately, retirement seeds were planted decades ago in savings and tax-deferred accounts, stocks and real estate investments. As the check-out date from the workforce looms sometime within the coming …Read more

Are You Using Twitter?

Since January 2, 2014, I have been Tweeting under the DrTCJ account. To view my homepage click: While many of you do not have Twitter accounts, or perhaps you do not follow me, please take a look at the Tweets from the first half of April 2014 in the bullets below. DrTCJ April 2014 …Read more

Commercial Property Returns Remain Strong for Investors

Income producing real estate is particularly desirable today in the investment landscape since there are two potential sources of gain: periodic cash flow and increasing property values. Historically, commercial real estate has performed well in inflationary periods. While demographics create basic needs for commercial property, the primary driver in increased rents and values arises from …Read more

Another Top-10 List — Apartment Boomtowns

One of my megatrends this and last year in real estate is the continued strong growth in residential rental markets compared to owner-occupied housing. There is going to be at least a decade of people that will be renters, which just a few years ago, would have been homeowners. Consider the trifecta of impacts on …Read more

Another Top-10 List — The Hottest Neighborhoods in 2014

So where are the hottest top growing neighborhoods expected to be in the coming four months? A study by Redfin examined numerous metrics, including detailing what people look for in a neighborhood. Naturally, while we all expect highly-ranked schools and scenic community parks, Redfin agents found that many people are looking for shorter commute times …Read more