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Most Expensive Prime Office Occupancy Costs Global Q1 2019

Location-Location-Location is the phrase when it comes to real estate.   In a global market, being in the proper location can be a make-or-break proposition.  Where a firm offices is akin to a hallmark to customers.   Location in an office market is a statement of who their customers are (or customers they want), the type of …Read more

What’s New in Real Estate Tech from Inman’s Hacker Connect

Real estate technologists from around the world recently gathered at the day-long Hacker Connect session that kicked off the week-long Inman Connect conference. While there were dozens of speakers on topics ranging from home search to transaction closing over a (very) full-day, these were my main takeaways.

Commercial Real Estate Cycles Q4 2017 – Dr Glenn Mueller

For me this is the most timely read this quarter regarding Commercial Real Estate — Dr. Glenn Mueller’s Real Estate Cycles Q4 2017 report from Black Creek Group – Black Creek Research.  The report contains a critical mass of valuable data spanning major commercial real estate markets across the country. It is based on almost …Read more

Cryptocurrencies – An Introduction

A “cryptocurrency” is a medium of exchange which exists solely online, in the digital world. In other words, it’s a digital currency; it does not have a physical, tangible existence.