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Another Top-10 List — Largest Multifamily Lenders in 2013

Real estate works well as an investment given the leverage benefits on owner returns that lending can offer (as long as it is positive leverage). The average total property return on apartments reported by the National Council of Real Estate Investment Fiduciaries (NCREIF) in 2013 was 8.78 percent. The typical 2013 multifamily loan interest rate …Read more

Are You Using Twitter?

Since January 2, 2014, I have been Tweeting under the DrTCJ account. To view my homepage click: https://twitter.com/DrTCJ While many of you do not have Twitter accounts, or perhaps you do not follow me, please take a look at the Tweets from the first half of April 2014 in the bullets below. DrTCJ April 2014 …Read more

Another Top-10 List — Apartment Boomtowns

One of my megatrends this and last year in real estate is the continued strong growth in residential rental markets compared to owner-occupied housing. There is going to be at least a decade of people that will be renters, which just a few years ago, would have been homeowners. Consider the trifecta of impacts on …Read more

Commercial Real Estate Cycles for Q4 2013 — 50 MSAs

Real estate follows repetitive cycles. A noted specialist in the field of commercial real estate cycles is Dividend Capital’s Dr. Glenn Mueller. Each quarter Dr. Mueller analyzes apartments, hotels, industrial, office and retail properties in more than 50 Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs) across the U.S. He defines four distinct phases. First is Recovery (declining vacancy, …Read more

Another Top-10 List — Metro Markets with the Greatest Multifamily Construction Underway

An ongoing mega theme in housing markets is the increased number of households, that in the past would be homeowners, but today are relegated to being renters. The trifecta of student loan debt, increased mortgage loan underwriting requirements and rising down payments (read Qualified Mortgage here) have stimulated growing demand for rental housing. MultiFamily Executive …Read more

Commercial Real Estate Market Cycles — Q2 2013

Dividend Capital’s Dr. Glenn Mueller’s latest quarterly analysis of commercial real estate markets is now available. Dr. Mueller reports on where commercial markets stand for more than 50 Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs). Property types analyzed include apartments, hotels, industrial, office and retail. Dr. Mueller defines the four phases of markets as: Recovery declining vacancy, no …Read more