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Demand is Outstripping Supply in Multifamily Housing

Let’s go with the bottom line first: Supply is not keeping up with demand for housing in almost all parts of the country. In the 12 months ending May 2014, the U.S. issued building permits (both single and multifamily) for 940,031 total dwelling units. These consisted of 566,983 singe family units, 23,924 dwelling units in …Read more

Residential Apartment Rents Up 14.7 Percent Since 1990 – Yet Income Flat in Past 15 Years, Inflation Adjusted

The resurging housing market is making an imprint on many people’s pocket books, checking accounts and balance sheets. For homeowners today, that is a positive imprint and for renters, a negative one. The median existing home price was $96,400 in 1990 according to the National Association of Realtors® while the latest 12-month average of median …Read more

Renewable Energy: A Growing Resource

According to the International Energy Agency, within three years, renewable power could surpass natural gas as the second most prevalent source of electrical energy globally, behind only coal. Biomass, geothermal, hydropower, solar and wind accounted for over 37 percent of all new domestic electrical generating capacity installed in the United States in 2013. Among renewable …Read more

Stewart Spotlights: Gilda’s Club Twin Cities, Minnetonka, MN

This Stewart Spotlights feature showcases one of a group of 57 “clubhouses,” uniquely and carefully designed to support cancer patients and their families. Look for more Spotlights here at blog.stewart.com in the coming weeks, and see the complete 2013 edition online at stewart.com/spotlights. Download PDF (1.8 MB) Since opening its distinctive red door in 1995, …Read more

Spotlight: Minneapolis Commercial Market

In Minneapolis/St. Paul and across the country, we’ve seen the real estate market bounce back. Locally, there has been growth, particularly in the multifamily sector, with apartments standing out as the frontrunner in terms of new developments. In addition to new developments, sales of existing office buildings has increased in the Minneapolis and St. Paul …Read more

Stewart Spotlights: Millennium Tower, San Francisco, CA

Our second Stewart Spotlights feature takes us west to San Francisco’s Millennium Tower, an outstanding example of a luxury residential development. Look for more Spotlights here at blog.stewart.com in the coming weeks, and see the complete 2013 edition online at stewart.com/spotlights. Download a PDF of this property Spotlight. Owner: Mission Street Development, LLC Developer: Millennium Partners …Read more

Introducing Stewart Spotlights: Cevallos Lofts, San Antonio, TX

In our 120 years in business, Stewart has helped commercial developers across a wide variety of segments bring their innovative projects to fruition. We feature an assortment of these underway and completed properties in Stewart Spotlights, displaying our customers’ most outstanding projects from around the world, and demonstrating the hard work and skill of the …Read more

Multifamily Update

Not everyone needs a retail or commercial space – but everyone needs a place to call home, which is what inspired me to focus my career on the residential market. And lately, more and more people are finding their homes in multifamily housing. As the ‘Baby Boomer’ generation begins to retire, the number of retirement …Read more