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U.S. Construction Employment

Jobs are everything to an economy. Period. Good news is that job growth is now coming back, with an average 188,000 net new jobs created per month thus far this year. Not all sectors are growing jobs, however, nor are those adding jobs growing at the same rate. This is the first of a series …Read more

Price Per Square Foot Rising in Most Markets

As the economy continues to grow jobs, consumer confidence rises and residential rental rates increase, the demand for housing rises. Given a very tight inventory of builder-ready lots, new home construction is trailing demand. As a result, asking prices for both new and existing homes, and ultimately sales prices, are climbing. In some cities prices …Read more

QE3 — And We Are Not Talking About an Ocean-Going Ship

(written on September 12/2012) A paltry 96,000 jobs were added in August 2012, while at the same time there are an estimated 120,000 to 140,000 net new additional people entering the workforce – and that happens every month. So in reality, unemployment got worse. But that was not the case statistically, since the U.S. government …Read more

Retail Property Returns — National Council of Real Estate Investment Fiduciaries — 9.89 Percent Average Annual Return Since 2000

Demand for retail real estate is a pure function of how much consumers are spending. Period. The following graph shows total U.S. retail and food service spending in real terms (adjusted for inflation). Although retail sales have yet to reach the peak seen prior to the 2008-2009 recession, retail properties did not decline in value …Read more

Rising Rents Making Many Renters to Re-Examine Homeownership

Apartment asking rents increased 2.8 percent last year according to Rents Marcus and Millichap while effective rents (after consideration of all discounts, giveaways and specials) jumped 4 percent.  At the same time, median U.S. home values declined 3.9 percent.  Marcus and Millichap expects 2012 to see even added increase in rental rates with a forecast  85,000 …Read more