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Another Top-10 List — 2014 Best Cities to Live In

In economics the assumption is that people will attempt to optimize outcomes, that is, make the best or most effective use of an opportunity, resource or situation. Examples in optimizing ranges selecting an item off the menu, buying an automobile, clothes, or even deciding where to live. When it comes to where you want to …Read more

Residential Apartment Rents Up 14.7 Percent Since 1990 – Yet Income Flat in Past 15 Years, Inflation Adjusted

The resurging housing market is making an imprint on many people’s pocket books, checking accounts and balance sheets. For homeowners today, that is a positive imprint and for renters, a negative one. The median existing home price was $96,400 in 1990 according to the National Association of Realtors® while the latest 12-month average of median …Read more

Another Top-10 List — State Gasoline Taxes

Immediately after writing about car and light-weight truck sales being at an almost eight-year high, one of the readers texted back that our vehicles are getting older due to high gasoline costs limiting how much American’s drive. Drive less and the car lasts longer. And then another similar response came. I commented back to them …Read more

Another Top-10 List — Worst States for Retirement Security

As I approach the big SIX ZERO this year, retirement and related considerations are taking a place in the planning process more than any time prior. Fortunately, retirement seeds were planted decades ago in savings and tax-deferred accounts, stocks and real estate investments. As the check-out date from the workforce looms sometime within the coming …Read more

U.S. Housing Characteristics — The American Housing Survey

Did you know that in 2011: Median renter household income was $28,000 while owner-occupied housing income was $58,919 Median renter monthly housing cost was $845 versus $1,008 for owner-occupied housing Monthly electricity bills for renters was a median $90 per month versus $121 for owner-occupied housing If you ever wanted to know details — from …Read more