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Another Top-10 List — The Best Cities for Veterans

As we just celebrated the tremendous U.S. Veterans this week giving them thanks for our rights and freedoms, it is great timing to discuss the results of a study completed by WalletHub on the most livable cities for Veterans. Just as our Veterans have given uniquely, so are their needs diverse and some uncommon to …Read more

Another Top-10 List — Worst States to Make a Living 2015

Economic wellbeing is a joint function of income and the cost of living. Challenging economic environments include both lower-paying markets and those with a high-cost of living. Wellbeing also includes potential workplace injuries or even death. Some jobs are admittedly dangerous. So many beautiful places are also difficult economic environments in which to make a …Read more

Another Top-10 List — America’s Most Affordable Big Cities

We all appreciate the charm and calmness of small towns, but then admit that larger locales offer more opportunities — employment, entertainment, education, healthcare, travel options and shopping – just to name a few. There are tradeoffs as in many instances larger cities have increased crime rates, more noise, congestion, longer commute times and higher …Read more